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The price you see is the FINAL price you pay, there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES

 Contact us on 0800 043 1057 or for International enquiries (00) 44 1623 812 711




Lots of reasons which include, free limited 3 year tree warranty, free delivery, bulk tree order discounts, we need your business as our staff have a long history of mortgage addiction and you are here now, finding another tree website is just hassle. 

All our hedging, fruit and ornamental trees come from UK sources unlike our humour which comes from mostly age and cynicism.  

You can plant our containerised trees (minus the pot of course...yes we do have some of "those" customers) all year round. Bare root trees come without a pot or soil surrounding the roots and they can only be planted November to March, sometimes early April. 

Thumbnail of postage zones for delivery from trees online

FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY *except Scottish Highlands

If you live in the Grampians, add this surcharge
If you live in the Highlands, add this surcharge
If you live in the Scottish Islands, add this surcharge
If you live on the Isle of Wight add this surcharge

All addresses in zone 1 (except Isle of Wight) are free delivery, Zone 2 and 3 attract a surcharge. Click here or the thumbnail for a map and explanations of which post codes belong to which zones. Call us on 0800 043 1057 (+44 1623 812 711) or click here to email, for surcharge costs.

We can and have delivered trees to France and other places in the EU before. Please call us for postage surcharge rates.

 Tree Gifts from

As of 1st January 2009, we offer a FREE TREE WARRANTY. Obviously conditions apply so we can make sure the minority of "urine extractors" do not abuse our system. 


Autumn is a great time to plant trees for many reasons e.g. the earth is warm and the roots establish faster, dry conditions are less of a problem, competing weeds are less of an issue and many more. This is the reason we grow August to August. Planting in Spring is just popular, not the best option for the tree. 

Bare root stock (comes with no pot or compost surrounding the roots) are only available for delivery from November to March/very early April. They are cheaper than containerised but MAY take a little longer to establish compared to containerised. This is because many of the fine feeding root hairs are pulled off when taken from the growing beds. Bare root trees ordered outside this time frame will be kept at our nursery for despatch until they are ready. 



Delivery can be up to 15 working days but is usually around 5. The variables to work out your delivery day include the following. Is the order being picked by the caffeine fuelled apprentice or one of the older guys who play lawn bowls. The nurseryman tree consultant inspector emotionally attaches to all his trees, did he have a 5 minute farewell or was your order forcibly removed from his tear stained grasp. The biggest variable are the couriers. We pay for a 24 hour service but as they frequently remind us, they never said which 24 hours. 

You do not need to be at home for your order to be delivered. 


Should you have specific tree requirements or questions you are welcome to email us here for an answer from the tree consultant.

Some Questions We Had Trouble With 

Some questions have been difficult to answer such as "are weeping willow trees safe for primary school children to be around?". We answered "generally yes, but the wood has historically been used to make weapons for dismemberment and castle sieges. We suggest after buying our weeping willow that you randomly check your children for power tools to prevent catapult and battering ram construction".

Others have included the following:

We want a cheap solution to my neighbours ugly fence, what do you suggest?.... "Close one eye when walking down the garden path, close the opposite one when walking back up. Closing the wrong eye will lead to disappointment".

We want trees that block out noise, what do you have?..... "Any twig thick enough jammed into your ears will block noise".

Your webpage says tree delivery is in August, can we have one earlier? ....."Sure, is July 53rd good for you?"

Do you deliver to America?.... "Sorry no, since the election of Trump, all of our containerised trees have formed a sit in and refused to go. We held a meeting in the green house and asked for volunteers, nothing was heard back, not a single one stepped forward".

I would like a practical tree present for elderly Nan....."Buy a fast growing tree, pulp the wood to make an absorbent pad, shape into the form of an incontinence pad".

I have heard that talking to trees helps them grow, is this true...."It sure is. Ask them to speak up if they mind you applying a general tree fertilizer. It is very rare this approach does not yield results".

I am a novice gardener and want something suitable against the back fence that provides cover, low maintenance and nice to look at...."The best solution will be to screw 3m high plastic picture frames containing pictures of your loved ones to your fence". 




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