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Corona Virus

***22 April***
Not sure how else to say delivery is on average 3-4 weeks, sometimes 5 weeks. We are still in a pandemic people, we are still a LONG way off from normal. 

***12th April 2021***
 To those customers that think 4 business hours and 9 minutes is too long to deal with their order during Covid (Yes we had one of THEM) 

These are the things that are the same since the virus broke out:
Social distancing which slows down everything.
Couriers placing capacity restrictions on us. 
Demand for plants increasing 300%.
BREXIT confusion, chaos and shortages. 
Industry wide cardboard shortages.
DEATH! Everyone here has lost some one dear to them. 
Increased time off sick/personal days.

These are the things that are different:
Spring is here, the busiest time of year for us.
Some of us have had the vaccine and it changes nothing other than needing a couple of days off.
Hope that the end is nearer. 

***21 March 2021***

All bare root orders from 14th to 28th March are likely to be 2-4 weeks for delivery due to the nursery dealing with these having to operate on a restricted service for a short period. Covid infections, vaccine side side effects, self isolating, courier restrictions and supply issues have broken the system! Usually I would pass on apologies for from the point of failure but this virus doesn't give a s**t. It is like the in-laws at Christmas, just won't go. 

***2 February 2021***

There is an industry wide cardboard shortage which is adding further bottle necks to the delivery process. We would like to say something light hearted about this issue but the office is currently experiencing a sense of humour shortage because the chocolate biscuits have run out, there is no office gossip due to lockdown preventing any extra marital affairs and too cold for jilted lovers to be airing their dirty laundry in public via a megaphone on the company car park. Ah well...only a few decades until retirement.

***26 January

We had a little bit of Twitter luuurve and emails went a bit nuts because of our BREXIT UPDATE so we are a bit behind. Oddly about 48% of them were nice! To the rest we would like to reply en masse:

Yes we respect democracy but we have utter contempt for losing money because our mortgage providers do not accept Sovereignty as replacement for cash. 

***9 December***
If you have not had a response to emails, it may have been in one of many deluges we received. If it is about refunding an order, please put "CHARGEBACK" in the subject line and it will be prioritised.

***6th November***

If you have ordered a bare root tree then delivery cannot happen until after complete leaf fall which is weather dependent. This usually is the end of November but can go into early December when they can be dug up from the fields. 

Some lines of trees are purchased from growers and stored at the nursery which means there maybe a further delay in the supply lines because of Covid.

Don't worry we have not forgotten you and we will make sure you get a result you are happy with, even if it means a refund (which costs us money to do).

At the time of writing, we have over 700 emails outstanding to answer so please be gentle. 

****3 November***

"LET THE GAMES BEGIN".....again......

Another lockdown and another surge in online purchases meaning the couriers will restrict the amount we can send out and our communications will grind to a halt due to the extreme amount of emails we receive.  

As before, urgent emails are cancellation of orders and change of address. Write "URGENT" in the subject line. Short replies are not from abrupt employees, they are trying to get through hundreds of messages. 

***8 October***
Email management has had to be dealt with on a triage basis due to surges beyond our control and we know some customers might feel like they have a better relationship with their Proctologist and ex-partner than they do with us. If you feel your situation has got to the unreasonable stage please email us with "UNREASONABLE" in the subject line along with your order number. If you have an urgent situation such as moving home, going away on holiday, cancel an order etc please write "URGENT EMAIL" and your order number in the subject line to 

We apologise for short and sweet replies, this is not because we failed English at "skule", had a stroke or didn't like the tone of your message. We are having to answer a LOT more emails than usual and we thought a short reply sooner was better than a longer one much later. 

***Update 21 July 2020***
If you have ordered in the last couple of weeks, we are expecting another consignment to leave us at the end of this week or the start of next. More accurate times to come soon. 

***Update 8th July 2020***
We have a consignment going out today. If you are expecting an order and it is not with you by Friday, please feel free to chase us with the subject line "Alan, tree should be here by now".

Due to a large consignment going out the tail end of last week, we have had a surge in communications ranging from gratitude and planting advice to transit damage complaints. We are working through this as fast as we can but there will be at least a 3 day delay in replying.

For those that have emailed back in with messages of support, you have been truly amazing.
For those that have told me a little about your own issues, well, ... choked up would be an accurate description. I much prefer useful advice, so here goes. I know from experience you are stronger than you think and every storm runs out of rain at some point. There is never a time you are completely powerless but there are lots of times it feels that way. 

Contacting Us
Scenarios that we agree need urgent attention include:

Cancelling of an order before we send it out.
Change of delivery address.

The best way to do this is email with the subject line I KNOW YOU ARE BUSY BUT......

Senior Dogsbody For Trees Online

21 May 2020

Predicting delivery accurately is near impossible due to courier inconsistency. We expect a big truck and they send a small van which increases your delay. Unpacking the remaining boxes to water your order is extra work we already have no capacity for. 
We have taken on a new courier to deal with this but their software is not working and their IT department is overwhelmed because of Covid. 
We are looking for a third courier at a reasonable price but no one wants our business. The boxes are termed "uglies" because they cannot go through automated processes and have to be man handled. 
Limited courier capacity is being given to higher profit customers i.e. small parcels and we are being shoved to the back of the queue.
We will receive severe restrictions with zero notice from couriers, sometimes they refuse to even come on a given day.  

Your frustration is understood and shared this end. I can guarantee you we are working very long hours to fulfil our end of the deal and that silence from us does not represent incompetence or lack of caring. Refunding your order costs us money so we have another incentive to deliver.

We only have a rough idea when your order will be delivered and it will be one of three time slots. 

Within 7 working days. Usually trees between 10-60cm tall.  
Around 20 working days. Usually trees between 150-200cm tall.
Within 30 working days. Soft fruits, vines and most feathered trees. 

Scenarios that we agree need urgent attention include:

Cancelling of an order before we send it out.
Change of delivery address.

The best way to do this is email with the subject line I KNOW YOU ARE BUSY BUT......

Thanks to the 99% of you that recognised very different times means very different expectations. 

*** How The Corona Virus Has Changed Our Business***
The biggest change you will see from us is extended delivery times on most orders which may appear random if you have ordered more than one product. This is because our nurseries are located throughout the UK and each is affected differently. 

Each nursery is unique and the same problem affects them differently. Smaller, remote nurseries that are family run usually live on site and suffer staff shortages less but their delivery company or box supplier may have intermittent problems supporting them. Larger nurseries with lots of boxes on site can be staffed by EU nationals that are going home to support their family. As the lock down period extends then the severity of consequences increases.  In short, new unforeseen business stopping problems are occurring daily and We are literally making this up as we go and 

We greatly appreciate your business at the best of times, even more so now. We have not forgotten about you and will do our best to keep you informed of delays. We have been forced to move across to email only and will answer your queries as soon as possible. 

Automated Messages For Some Enquiries
We have been forced to setup a "not as accurate as we would like" automated messaging system for some emails. If it contains a word or phrase such as delivery, ETA, refund etc, you may receive an automated message pointing you to come here. 

You are not currently receiving anything remotely close to decent customer service. You have paid your money and getting nothing but a wall of silence from Trees Online. The best we can do is to explain why that it is and assure you we have not forgotten.

On an average day, we are receiving around 200% more orders than we have ever experienced. On days that spike, it goes up to around 600% and those spikes are looking more and more like average days. 1 hour turn around for large quotes is now a week. The nurseries have ALWAYS bent over backwards to sell more stock and now they have limited how many orders per day we can process. The phone ringing was always a good thing, we have had to turn it off and go to email only. Maintaining the website was usually a once yearly massive task and now we have had to do it three times in as many months (stock that was once unavailable is now coming back from retail outlets to be sold as mail order). 

We are trying to prioritise workload but it means there could easily be a 5+ working day delay between email receipt and reply or action for which I can only apologise for. We will sort it out eventually when something like normal returns. 

I know the silent treatment is the best breeding ground for resentment, anger, mistrust etc but I can promise you I hate it as much as you do, if not more because my salary depends on your cash! So for as silent as we may seem, I can assure you the volume levels here are deafening.

Thank you 

Senior Dogsbody For Trees Online.  

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