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Why Buy Our Volume Trees?

  • Our volume trees are plug plants which can be planted all year round. No rush to plant as roots are not exposed.
  • Grown in Scotland which makes the plants much hardier (used to bad weather)
  • Very easy to plant, little cultivation required and very high success rate.
  • Our trees are covered by a FREE TREE WARRANTY(first 15% not covered)
  • Plants do not "check" when planted so rapid early growth.
  • Root plug contains both naturally occurring mycorrhizae and fertilzer.
  • Growing containers eliminate root spiralling. 
  • FREE DELIVERY (UK Mainland only)

Large Order Discount
Orders over £1000 may have further discounts added by contacting us or calling 0800 043 1057 

Hybrid Walnut, (Arizona walnut x Common walnut) or (Juglans Major x Regia MJ209)

As the name suggests, this particular Walnut has been selectively bred from two differing popular Walnut species to improve some of its properties. In the case of Walnut MJ209, these were increased vigour and less prone to disease. The MJ209 also tolerates sites with less than perfect drainage.

Trials by the Institut pour le Développement Forestier (IDF) in France, showed excellent growth of 6-9 metres at the 8 year point of a range of Hybrid Walnuts, MJ209 being one of them. Expect the first four-five years of growth to be slow as the tree is putting its resources into the roots. After that, you should see a higher rate of annual growth. Expect a final height of 25m or more, depending on local conditions. Planting nitrogen fixing plants or trees nearby e.g. Alder, could give your Hybrid Walnut a boost.

Our hybrid Walnut is well suited to Northern European weather conditions which means everyone who yelled their approval at the screen when watching Braveheart can grow one. The hybridisation has made it tolerant of more site conditions than many other Walnuts and is expected to deal with climate change easier so your success rates should be higher.

Planting Hybrid Walnut MJ209
Plant our Hybrid Walnut MJ209 in deep, fertile soils (100cm or more) that are well draining and preferably in the PH range on 5.5 to 7.5. These can also be referred to as deep sandy or clay Loams. Although the MJ209 has better resistance to frost, no frost at all is better so try and not plant in valley bottoms. If you have particularly poor soil then a hybrid will give you much better results.

Dig the hole wide and deeper than the roots by 20% or more. Break up any compacted soil aka clumpy/lumpy and mix with 50% compost or well rotted manure if you suspect poor quality. Clay has the advantage of retaining water but poor drainage and 100% compost has the advantage of fertility but too easily drained. Mixing the two together gives you best of both Worlds. For the purists, aim for a mix of aggregate sizes from 0.5 mm to 20 mm.

Remove surrounding grass and weeds by 50cm or more. Using weed control fabric or a mulch to suppress further grass and weed growth is a good idea until the tree is well established which is usually at least a few years. Water well and keep watered especially in the Summer.

If you have a particularly thick layer of clay or rock and thin top soil, consider mounding. This is where you create the depth of topsoil by creating a mound (the clue was in the title). This also has the advantage of good drainage.

Plant at least 7m apart for fruit production and 5m for wood. Look more into growing Walnut for wood as it is a bit more complicated and it is suggested you inter-plant with other tree species to promote straight growth.

If you want to feed your Hybrid Walnut, do so in Spring with a Nitrogen rich fertiliser. Do not feed in late Summer as this promotes new growth which would be exposed to frosts.

Other Hybrid Walnut Information

For the conspiracy theorists and fact allergic screaming "genetic manipulation gone mad", then be mad at Mother Nature because she does this all the time. Walnut trees in the wild cross pollinate with other Walnuts and produce many variations. The difference being that Mother Nature will sometimes grow trees worthy of being on Jeremy Kyle or some other car crash TV and we don't.

As with all Walnut trees, the timber is a hardwood and very popular with furniture makers. Hybrid Walnut does not have the dark heartwood but is easier to work with, can be sliced for veneer and is very easily stained. Expect to reach harvesting age at around 50 years which is a short time for a hardwood. Previous issues of establishment, frost damage and poor form have been drastically reduced with Walnut Hybridisation.

Pruning Walnuts should be carried out mid Winter or mid Summer. Remove dead, diseased or crossing over branches and if you can help it, do not remove more than 20% each year.

As with other Walnuts, the decaying leaves will prevent most other plants from growing underneath.

Walnut MJ209 is self fertile and will produce edible Walnuts.

Rabbit and Deer Protection
We offer a range of tree shelters that will protect your trees against possible attack. Click on this Tree Protection Link and it will take you to all of these products.

Benefits of using our plug plant trees
Our trees are sold as plug plants, in other words the roots are encased in compost. This means that planting can be carried out at any time of the year, provided they are watered in periods of drought, compared to bare-root plants which can only be planted during the plants normal dormant period (November to March). All of these trees are UK grown, which is important for successful establishment.

Site Conditions And Evergreen Tree List
Our tree chart details which site conditions suit which trees and also which are evergreen or semi-evergreen.

Feeding Or Fertilizing Hedges
This is a task that can easily be over done. Any nitrogen based fertilizer will do such as 20:20:10 but the longer lasting ones which take 18/24 months are better as they are regulated by the weather and moisture therefore release slowly.

Woodburning Chart
If you are one of those lucky people that lead an eco lifestyle (VERY jealous if you are) and want to buy trees to burn, then maybe our wood burning chart (excel spread sheet) will help you decide. Ash, Eucalyptus Gunnii and Willow are worth looking at for their growth rates and calorific values.

Planting Tool
If you are looking to plant lots of plug plant or cell grown trees (the 10-40cm-ish) size range then maybe you should consider our tree planting tool. Tree planting rates of over 700 per day achievable.

Adding A Bit Of Colour And Attract Wildlife
Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum) is very attractive, fragrant and attracts more wildlife to your garden. A bit on the vigorous side but worth the effort. A great addition to your project.

Tree Spacing
Broadleaf wood planting would be around 3m between each tree. Christmas tree planting for a commercial crop is around 1m.

Factors Detrimental To Cell Grown Trees
Too much/little water, animal Urine, excessive wind exposure (will slow growth), salt spray, frost on new growth, herbicide drift and over application of fertilizer.

UK Grown Volume Trees
All our volume trees are UK grown and as far as we know because we have never caught one booking a holiday overseas. 

Walnut Tree Pollination 

Most Walnut trees are self-fertile which means they will produce walnuts without the need of a different walnut nearby. That being said, having a different species Walnut nearby (closer the better but you could go as high as 1.5 miles away) will improve pollination and give you a better walnut yield. Planting other trees and plants that attract the insects will also help cross pollination. If you are thinking of have a walnut orchard then consider planting 5% of your Walnuts as a different species and upwind of the others. 

The Walnut fruits will be formed on the new seasons growth.  

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Tree Warranty

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