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Tree Warranty

The Basics

Only trees up to 3 years old are covered. 

If your tree catches a terminal disease within 12 months of delivery, Trees Online will offer a 100% FREE REPLACEMENT (except postage costs). 

If your tree catches a terminal disease from 12 to 24 months of delivery, Trees Online will offer a 50% discount on a replacement tree (except postage costs). 

If you turn out to be a bit of genocidal gardener and even weeds die from your digits then you can have our sincerest sympathy and 10% discount on any replacement purchase from 2 to 3 years after delivery.


0-12 Months after delivery 100% discount after tree disease verified.
12-24 Months after delivery 50% discount after tree disease verified.
24-36 Months after delivery 10% discount after tree disease verified .


  • The tree you purchased must not have been part of any clearance sale or any multiple item discount offer.
  • Each dead tree will be replaced just the once. Local conditions will likely be the cause of multiple tree death.
  • The tree must have died or become diseased from natural causes e.g. vandalism is not covered in this warranty nor neglect such as not pruning and branches breaking in storms and becoming diseased. Disease or death to be confirmed by us via photographs provided by you.
  • If the tree(s) you originally ordered are not in stock, then we can only offer you the closest replacement. No refunds are offered. There is no cash alternative or other replacement compensation other than a discounted replacement tree.
  • Freak weather conditions are not covered e.g. high winds (Beast From The East), drought, excessive rain fall etc
  • The total retail cost of the replacement trees cannot exceed £250. For cell grown and volume trees, the number of failed trees determines which discount price banding is applied. 
  • Additional postage costs from our couriers are not covered e.g. Isle Of Man.
  • Discount is applied to current cost of replacement not the cost at purchase.
  • Tree Warranty does not apply to damage in transit.
  • With trees less than 60cm e.g. cell grown and volume trees, warranty does not apply to first 15% of losses as this can be a natural failure rate and you can only claim once for each order e.g. if more trees die after your first claim, those are not covered. We reserve the right to request a failed tree for testing purposes and for you to send it to the following organisation: The warranty will not apply if they find local conditions to be the cause and you will be liable for the cost of testing. We may also request a test replant whereby a small amount of replacement trees are planted in the same spot.
  • Bare root and rootballed trees are also not covered for the first 15% of losses due to this being a natural failure rate. 

Just in case you are worried about having the inconvenience of digging up and replanting another tree, we replace around 1 in 5000 trees and cause of death is yet to be sourced back to our Nursery, it is usually something else i.e if you have purchased 500 Christmas trees, 100 of them die and the 100,000 we have left on the nursery are flourishing then you must be the unluckiest customer ever to get the only ones with a problem. Contact on 0800 043 1057 for more details.

We use a tree consultant from each nursery to determine cause of death and all replacement decisions are guided by their advice. If you feel their expert feedback is unfair or incorrect, we welcome any report raised by a qualified and experienced expert to challenge theirs. Your tea drinking mate down the allotment does not count, professionally recognised qualifications and work in a relevant job as a minimum.

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Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders

Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders