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During busy times you will get a faster reply online so please email us. We reply using first class class emails for the fastest response and due to unpredictable high volume we sometimes have to ask the neighbours to turn their radio down. It also means replies can take a couple of days.  

Dual Perspective Brexit Update
Do to long term "idiotic/strong and stable" decisions at No 10, we now cannot send trees to Northern Ireland, EU OR Channel Islands. The "flaming faeces/oven ready deal" created by "WOO WAAH BLAH/Ex-PM Bo Jo" means the only planting you can do is with our flag.

Latest Products

Florentina Crab Apple. No crabs were hurt whilst growing this tree.
Malus Aros. As the tree is deciduous, it has no more holiday time come November because it has no leave left.
Malus Elk River. Malus Elk River supported Brexit because it is a big leaver i.e. has large foliage.
Pocket Handkerchief. It is worth the weight....that you probably put on eating comfort food as you hang around for weird-shaped flowers to appear.


New Entries For The Oaksford English Dictionary (only words containing Oak) 

Joak: A tactic used to break the ice and initiate poaking.
Poak: Getting hardwood and feeling the need to jab your girlfriend/wife with it.
Woak: What your girlfriend/wife will do if she was asleep when poaked.
Soak: Indicates greatly anticipated poaking.
Coak: Rehydration after lengthy poaking.
Broak: Too much poaking.

For more, see the end of the bare root Quercus Robur page.

Rumours Started By Us Say That The First Draft of Ceclia By Paul Simon Could Have Been About Sessile Oak
Sessile, you're breaking my heart, I'm checking your branches daily, Oh, Sessile, I'm growing all my trees, I'm begging you please grow in loam, Sessile, you're breaking my heart, You're shaking my green fingers daily, Oh, Sessile, I'm down on my knees, I'm begging you please don't be Holm, don't be Holm.

Paul Simon has never denied this story and sauces close to him have remained silent. 

Possible Made-up Naming Origins Of The Laburnum Anagyroides (Burning Bum Tree)
The Latin name of Laburnum Anagyroides originates from ancient Rome.

Ruler of the time, Ceasar Mi-lan, was dictating to his son, Ceasar Sa-lad, possible names for new trees. Forgetting to say "pause" Ceasar Mi-lan complained about his "larva burning bum and angry haemorrhoids This was mistakenly added to the list and over time shortened to Laburnum Anagyroides. 

Possible To Unlikely Naming Origins Of The Crimson King Maple Tree
Henry 8th (or VIII to the purists, pronounced "Vyyy" to the not interested) was well known for his constipation causing low fibre diet.

"Groom Of The Stool" was a toilet domestic servant involved from first twinge to final clean up. He would be so intimately involved, he could see Henry go through every shade of Crimson as he pushed, contorted and yelled.

It is rumoured that one day whilst walking through the caste gardens he bumped into head gardener struggling to name a new tree he had grown. Noticing the leaf colour was the same colour his employers face has just been, he made a naming suggesting.

He pondered for a while but decided "Crimson King" was a better name than Stuck Sh*t Tree.

  Tree Gift Ideas
Know someone who oils himself up and screams about dining in hell to 299 mates? Buy them a Spartan Apple Tree 
Your Catholic Priest gave you something more than confession, say thanks with a  Cardinal Crab
Need to drop a hint the World does not revolve around them, gift a Magnolia Galaxy
Reassure them they never went overboard with the sunbed then buy a Golden Beauty
Friend happy with augmentation surgery, send her a great pear. See all our Fruit Pear Trees
If the recipient has delusions of Royalty, get them a Prinz Handjery or a Crimson King
A friend confused by garden access? Then buy them a Howgate Wonder 
Want to send a passive aggressive comment about mental agility, send a Sloe
Want to let your friends know your dislike of James Dyson, send them Broom
You have a smelly room mate who doesn't shower, get a   Beauty Of Bath
Got a boss that cannot make a decision on their own, get them a Conference

Want to say her social class will always be low, say it with Common Beech
Know someone who makes mountains out of mole hills, buy them an  Evereste
A friend who is a fan of Kelsey Grammar, get them some Fraser Fir trees
Drop a hint they need more sun, send a Tai Haku Great White
Want your children to move out and see the World then buy them  Gypsy Mirabelle
She won't go to get her liver tested, drop a hint with Yellow Bird
Had a romantic fling at a prestige sporting event, send them an Olympic Flame

Accidentally Offensive Tree Gifts
Certain combinations of tree gift and recipient can cause offence, pitfalls to avoid include: 

Gets emotional about their height do not buy  Dwarf Weeping Willow.
Caught watching your neighbour topless sunbathing, don't gift an  Admiration Crab Apple
A friend recently had to have a Biro removed by a proctologist, do not get them Aspen.
Turning up to your Mother In Laws funeral with a  Cornus Florida Cloud Nine.
Buying Elder for someone with a much younger partner.  
Anyone in UKIP, a European Larch
Anyone who has had a house fire do not get  Flame Grape Vine
If your mate suffers with erectile dysfunction in the Autumn, do not buy October Glory
Someone fearful of the World coming to an end, don't buy  Sunburst Cherry Tree
Failed breast surgery and a weeping pear 
Bad news from the Sexual Health clinic Prunus Ichiyo
A builder sensitive about bending over, Betula Moonbeam
Your friends had their budgie kidnapped by a bird of prey? Stay away from Peregrine Peach.
Friends in North UK just finished weightwatchers? Don't send Scotch Dumpling

Some Questions We Had Trouble With 
We want a cheap solution to my neighbours ugly fence, what do you suggest?.... "Close one eye when walking down the garden path, close the opposite one when walking back up".

We want trees that block out noise, what do you have?..... "A twig from any of our trees jammed into your ear is effective". 

Your webpage says tree delivery is in August, can we have one earlier? ....."Sure, is July 53rd good for you?"

I would like a practical tree present for elderly Nan.....We suggest something low growing, they are much easier to climb.

Do you send trees to America?.....Sorry no, our plant life doesn't like your Trump plant life and refuses to go. 

Do you have any trees that represent our political parties....We sure do. The Laburnum sounds like Labour, Conserve (Conifer) for Conservative, Linden (Lime trees) for Lib Dem and the Racist Extremist Goose Stepping No No Let me Speak Tree (currently in production but refuses to grow as an individual, gives out more manure than provided, doesn't like anything foreign putting down roots nearby and moves less towards the light and more towards Trumps rear end). 


Autumn Planting
Autumn is a great time to plant trees for many reasons e.g. the earth is warm and the roots establish well, dry conditions are less of a problem, competing weeds are less of an issue and many more. This is the reason we grow August to August. Planting in Spring is just popular, not the best option for the tree.

Bare Root Products
Cheaper bare root trees (comes with no pot or compost surrounding the roots) are only available for delivery from November to March/very early April.


Why Buy Trees From Trees Online?
Lots of reasons which include, limited FREE TREE WARRANTY, mostly free delivery, bulk tree order discounts, we need your business due to mortgage addiction and you are here now, finding another tree website is just hassle.

All Year Round Planting
You can plant our containerised trees (minus the pot of course...yes we get asked) all year round. Bare root trees come without a pot or soil surrounding the roots and they can only be planted November to March, sometimes early April.

Delivery Timescales
Cell grown plants 20-60cm up to 7 working days on average. Fruit and Ornamental trees up to 21 working days, average is 7. Mature Trees up to 28 working days but average is 14 to 21. Busy times such as Spring and Autumn can extend delivery times and if the couriers ration capacity (e.g. Covid lockdown) for larger boxes it can be a lot longer. You do not need to be at home for your order to be delivered. 

Specific Tree Requirements
Should you have specific tree requirements or questions you are welcome to email us here for an answer from the tree consultant.

  Postage zones for delivery from trees online

FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY *except Scottish Highlands

If you live in the Grampians,  add this surcharge
If you live in the Highlands, add this surcharge
If you live in the Scottish Islands, add this surcharge
If you live on the Isle of Wight add this surcharge

All addresses in zone 1 (except Isle of Wight) are free delivery, Zone 2 and 3 attract a surcharge. Click here or the thumbnail for a map and explanations of which post codes belong to which zones.  Call us on 0800 043 1057 (+44 1623 812 711) or click here to email, for surcharge costs.

If you would like trees delivered to the EU, please organise another referendum. 

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Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders

Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders