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SELF FERTILE (GROUP B) Bare Root Lapins Cherokee Cherry Tree, 1-2 metres tall, 1-2 years old, (EATING + FRUIT IN JULY + RELIABLE + LARGE FRUIT) **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**  
SELF FERTILE (GROUP B) Bare Root Lapins Cherokee Cherry Tree, 1-2 metres tall, 1-2 years old,  (EATING + FRUIT IN JULY + RELIABLE + LARGE FRUIT) **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**
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Available Options:
Rootstock Qty
Bare root Colt 2 Year (grows 3.5m) (+£3.00)   
Bare Root Colt Half Standard (+£3.50)   
Bare Root Maiden Gisela 5, 1 Year (grows 2.5m) (+£2.50)   
Maiden Colt * default  


Trees ordered outside of these times will be delivered around the start of next November, exact date determined by the weather.  

Bare Root Lapins Cherokee Cherry Tree

The Bare Root Lapins Cherokee cherry tree is a reliable garden favourite. The large cherry fruits are big, dark and sweet. If you only have room for one tree, this would be a great choice.

The Lapins Cherokee cherry tree will drop some of the cherries while they are green, this is normal in the World of cherry trees and it probably has a nick name of butter fingers to its tree friends.  

Important information

Type of Cherry Tree  : Eating
Fruiting period           : July
Fertility                  : SELF FERTILE. GROUP B, Does not require another cherry tree close by to produce fruit

Although the Lapins Cherokee is considered self fertile and will produce cherries without the need of another cherry tree nearby, often the harvest size can be improved by doing just that. Other cherry trees to consider planting nearby include Goodnestone Black, Nutberry Black, Merchant, Newstar, Mumford’s, Black Tartarian, Merton Glory, Merpet, Lapins, Petit Noir, Black Oliver, Bullock’s Heart, Hertford, Celeste, Santina, Sandra Rose, Sonata, Sweetheart and Summer Sun. 

Bare Root Cherry Tree Rootstock options explained 

Gisela 5 : Final height of 2.5 metres. Ideal for small gardens and easier for bird protection. 
Colt : Semi-Dwarf Cherry Rootstock giving a final height of 3.5 metres.
Hexaploid Colt  :Very similar to Colt (3.5 metres) just a different rootstock.
F.12.1:     : Will grow to 4m + 
Bush : This means there are branches that start close to the bottom of the tree.
Patio : Suited for container growing on patio (others usually can be too, this one is just better for it)
Maiden : The tree is 1-2 years old. 
Half-Standard : Some lower branches have been pruned off to give a more rounded tree shape
Standard :  More lower branches have been pruned off to give a much clearer trunk, more of a lollipop shape. 
Bare Root : No soil and no pot. Usually cheaper and will be 2-3 years old unless otherwise stated e.g. a maiden. 

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