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0.6m Economy Hedging Guards (Easy Wrap) Pack of 100 **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**  
0.6m Economy Hedging Guards (Easy Wrap) Pack of 100 **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**
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Easy Wrap Tree Guards 

The easy wrap tree guards are used as a cost effective alternative to spirals to offer rabbit and herbicide protection for your tree planting project and to promote growth. The twin walled tube will expand as the tree grows as the vertical split allows it. Preferred by some instead of spirals because the base can be pushed into the ground preventing vole damage and does not allow any herbicide into the shelter. 

They are made from environmentally acceptable polypropylene that offers increased durability and rigidity and are a translucent green. In Chav Essex terms, this means they last longer, are stronger and let the light through. 

They are quick and easy to install although this is a relative term. An Olympian sweating Red Bull has a slightly different work rate to the arthritic, flat capped “allotmentarian” 

At the time of writing rabbits had not developed opposable thumbs to remove them so we are confident they are rabbit proof (those living next to nuclear reactors or secret government testing labs are not covered by this warranty, just in case you do not have dumb bunnies in your area)

The tree shelter expands from 50mm to 65mm and you should not open them any further than this. 

A 90cm supporting cane should be used with this shelter except if you live in sandy conditions then use a 1.2m cane. THE CANES DO NOT COME WITH THIS PRODUCT. Some abrasion may occur to the plant at the top of the tube in very windy sites.


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