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Red Robin Photinia Tree ATTRACTIVE + EVERGREEN + TOPIARY + CONTAINER SUITABLE, 2-3 Years Old, Supplied 1.5 to 2.00 metres in a 7 or 12 litre container **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**  
Red Robin Photinia Tree ATTRACTIVE + EVERGREEN + TOPIARY + CONTAINER SUITABLE, 2-3 Years Old, Supplied 1.5 to 2.00 metres in a 7 or 12 litre container **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**
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Red Robin Photinia Tree ATTRACTIVE + EVERGREEN + TOPIARY + CONTAINER SUITABLE, 2-3 Years Old, Supplied 1.5 to 2.00 metres in a 7 or 12 litre container **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**
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Red Robin Photinia Tree ATTRACTIVE + EVERGREEN + TOPIARY + CONTAINER SUITABLE, 2-3 Years Old, Supplied 1.5 to 2.00 metres in a 7 or 12 litre container **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**
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7 Litre  
Delivered August 2015

Red Robin Photinia 

A very popular evergreen tree, the Red Robin tree (Photinia x fraserii 'Red Robin') provides all year round colour, it is brilliant red, glossy young leaves are a of real appeal.  Dainty white flowers in spring are on occasion, followed by spherical red fruit.  This is a small tree which makes it very suitable for a small garden.  We have found this tree to be quite hardy, although it is best to avoid really frosty positions.

Expect a dense and upright habit if left untrimmed. In non gardening terms this means it is a narrow and quite columnar. The Photinia Red Robin is very good for topiary and other ornamental uses.

Red Robin trees can be pruned hard at any time without damage as they are considered the Rambo equivalent of trees. As tough as it actually it, ornamentally speaking it is a stunning tree having won the RHS Award Of Garden Merit. 

You can also plant Photinia Red Robin in containers so enabling you to move the tree to your hearts content. Remember that if the pot is too small it will restrict the size of the tree and will require feeding and watering more often than if it was in the ground. Our rule of thumb is the bigger the pot, the less risk you have of damaging or killing the tree.  

A small tree so expect a height of up to 4 metres (13 foot) after 10 years.

PLEASE NOTE 12L ORNAMENTAL RED ROBIN TREES AND ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR HEDGING (Unless you are happy with gaps at the bottom) as there is approximately 600mm of clear stem before the first branches. They are more of a lollipop shape.  

The 7 Litre Photinia Red Robin are a feathered tree. This means they have branches starting very low down and are more suitable for hedging. You can prune the 7 Litre to be a lollipop shape but not the other way round i.e. Lollipop to feathered.  

This tree is supplied at a height of between  1.5 metres and 2.0 metres in a 7 or 12 litre container for year round planting and better results than from bare-root or rootballed stock.

A free message card is available. Write what you would like on it when at the checkout in the text box provided.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Red Robin Photinia Tree

March 2015: Hi, Thank you very much for brilliant service. Trees arrived in perfect condition. Will definitely use your company again and highly recommend to others. Mrss Pauline Hanwell
Sept 2014: Hi Dogsbody, Thank you so much for your email our Photinia Red Robin tree arrived and in perfect condition, this will be our third tree from you and they have been of fabulous condition and make a huge impact in our garden.No photos supplied may scare kids!!, but thank you once again Sandra
Sept 2014: Hi Alan,Many thanks for your e-mail. The two Photinia Red Robin trees were delivered on the day promised and arrived well wrapped with no damage to the outer packaging. They were left where I had requested and were even left the right way up!  No complaints from me regarding the courier...When I unpacked them I was really please with the quality, they looked very healthy. I have planted them following the instructions and attached a photo showing their position. Thanks again for an excellent service, I would have no hesitation in recommending your company. Ian 
May 2014: I just want to thank you for this good quality tree (Red Robin Photinia) at a reasonable price. I will be back for more trees in the Autumn Kind Regards, Josephine Wilberforce. 
March 2014: Thank you for your email.My photonia red robin arrived on date specified & delivery instructions were adhered to thank you. The tree was packaged well & was in good condition & looked healthy. We unpacked it & gave it a good watering in the pot as per instructions & let it stand on the patio in the pot for 1 day to let the air get to it as it looked a little deprived of air & light. Next day gave it another good watering & planted it later that day. It looks beautiful but still has a long way to go to replace the previous one which was ripped from the ground in the storms, but if it grows as well & as fast as its predecessor I will be very happy :-)  Thank you again for a speedy safe delivery & a lovely healthy Photinia tree as promised. I will definitely be ordering more from you in the very near future. Kindest regards Lynne
March 2014: Many thanks, The (Photinia Red Robin) trees arrived on time and in good condition. They reach the top of the trellis and should be providing us with a bit more privacy during the winter months. Best regards David Radford
January 2014: Delighted with the service I received from Treesonline. My order (which included Red Robin Trees) arrived very quickly and the trees were in beautiful condition. I even got more Blackthorn than I was expecting. I will definitely be ordering some more trees in the future. 
September 2013: Trees arrived safely and well packaged.No problems with courier. They weren't quite as big as I was expecting, having ordered the largest pot size, but they are now planted and only time will tell if they will take well, but all good so far. Best Regards Janette Harrington editors note: All customers were advised that the delayed Spring of 2013 had caused a significant growth delay in all Red Robin Photinia before despatch but that they would catch up. 
Sept 2012: My son ordered a 'Red Robin' tree from you for a Golden Wedding Anniversary gift for us in late June. Delivery was promised for late August and after a mix up over our Post Code it was delivered first week in September. It arrived safely in superb packaging - an eight foot tall heavy duty cardboard box, approx 30 x 30cm square.The Red Robin Photinia was about 7ft, with container well wrapped in back plastic was very secure and the tree in excellent order. The long straight 'trunk' was well supported by 2 bamboo poles and there was no apparent damage to the tree foilage. Carefully unpacked, well watered and allowed to stand in its container for a few days it has now been planted according to the excellent instructions attached to the tree.  A more appropriate tree stake has been added for its long term development and we look forward to seeing grow on!  Thankyou for your excellent service. 

Ornamental Tree Topping
All ornamental trees (not vines) are topped at 1.3 metres to encourage a natural ornamental tree shape with obvious exceptions e.g. patio sizes.This means that your tree was pruned during the growing process and then allowed to grow to the size it is now supplied at.

Multiple Order Discount
Orders over £300 can be discounted by contacting us on 0800 043 1057

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