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Bare Root Silver Birch Tree
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Bare Root Silver Birch Tree shape
Bare Root Silver Birch Tree bark
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Bare Root Silver Birch Tree leaf
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Bare Root Silver Birch Tree catkin
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Bare Root Silver Birch Tree happy customer
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All bare root trees available November to March only. The 2019-2020 bare root season is now closed and all bare root orders will be processed for delivery in November 2020.

Bare Root Betula Alba Pendula (Silver Birch Tree) Click The Link For Containerised Silver Birch Trees

Silver Birch is well-known native British tree and one of our top-selling trees as a result! Its name makes it an ideal gift for Silver Wedding Anniversaries.

Things to know about our bare root Silver Birch trees.

  1. Diamond-shaped, vivid green leaves
  2. Arching branches
  3. Fast-growing
  4. White, peeling bark after a few years.
  5. Spring time Yellow-brown fluffy catkins
  6. 6m tall at 10 years, 15-25 metres thereafter
  7. RHS Award Of Garden Merit
  8. Public spaces and roadside suitable
  9. Long lived
  10. Very low maintenance
  11. Will tolerate wet and/or drought conditions.
  12. Tolerant of clay and chalk soils but prefers acid
  13. Plant in full sun and deep, well drained soil.
  14. Will establish well in poor soil

Multi-Stem Silver Birch Trees
Multi-stem Birch trees are visually stunning and popular in highly ornamental gardens but they can be expensive to buy as a potted version. This is because they only have a 30-40% success rate leaving the rest destined for the chipper and compost. One of the problems with trying to create a multi-stem Birch tee is that what you cut out the main trunk or leader, there is no guarantee that 3 or more new shoots will grow. It is generally accepted that a multi-stem birch tree will have 3 or more trunks or main stems.

A cheap way of creating your own multi-stem Silver Birch tree is to buy 3 bare root Silver Birch and plant them very close together. Use the main trunk of each tree as a branch of your new tree so some pruning will be required. You can keep some of the larger side branches if you want but the more you keep, the "bushier" your multi-stem Birch tree will be at the bottom and they are generally not that shaped way.

Best to plant each tree slightly off vertical so that they grow into a sort of vase shape. Feel free to prune off any side branches to achieve the shape you desire.

See What Our Previous Customers Are Saying About Our Bare Root Silver Birch (The pictures show a genuinely happy and ...err interesting customer)

Just purchased bare root Silver Birch trees from Trees Online. Sadly the autumn planted tree did not show any signs of shouting this spring. A email, despite it being Easter was responded to and as soon as the holiday was over a new fully shouting tree arrived. Brilliant service in an age when such promises don’t always come true. Many thanks to Alan Russell of Trees Online With Regards Wayne & Judie Seaborn 0417

The tree arrived just fine. 0117

Hi Alan, Thanks for your email and your trees, which arrived in good order. Kind regards Greg 1216

If you are buying tress then Trees Online is the place to go. I know hee-haw about trees. I was very pleased with the e-mail service and the advice given by the staff with regard to what trees would be suitable for my large whisky barrels. Ordering and payment was easy. Packaging and delivery was good and my order arrived within the timescale although they just did turn up late afternoon unexpected. The trees were in a great condition. Would highly recommend Trees Online, they are Trees-tastic. Cheers Neil Cunningham Dobson 0316

Hi Alan, Yes v. happy with both trees and delivery. Pam Foley 0215

Ordering was really simple, quick delivery and trees in excellent condition, not sure how they could improve this service. Ken Mathieson 0414

Do I Need To Stake My Bare Root Tree?
9 out of 10 times the answer will be no, especially if under 200cm tall. However our article on Tree Staking should help guide you.  

All Our Trees Are Grown In The UK
As far as we know, none of our trees have sneaked off for holidays abroad and so are UK Grown.

Planting In The Corner Of A Garden
Air and light is reduced in this location which could promote fungus and bacterial issues. If the corner is of the house and a fence then you also have leeching issues to contend with from cement and wood preservatives. Also when it rains, that area would experience higher water levels so we advise against it.   

Ornamental Tree Roots In The Shade e.g. Behind A Fence
It is more important that that foliage (posh term for leaves) receives the sunlight than the roots. 

Have good drainage as water and no sun is the start of algae and other issues.  

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Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders

Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders