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Bare Root Shirofugen Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree 2+ years old, FAST GROWING + LATE & LONG FLOWERING + AWARD **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**

bare root Shirofugen
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bare root Shirofugen shape
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All bare root trees available November to March only. The 2019-2020 bare root season is now closed and all bare root orders will be processed for delivery in November 2020.

Bare Root Shirofugen Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree Click The Link For Containerised Shirofugen

The most important things you need to know about our bare root Shirofugen flowering Cherry tree are:

  1. Fragranted, large double white blossoms which change to pink as they age.
  2. Bronze-coppery leaves turn to dark green in summer and then to copper red in autumn.
  3. Attractive spreading habit
  4. Fast grower
  5. Latest and longest to flower
  6. May start to droop or arch downwards as it gets older.
  7. Only growing to around 6m at the ten year point.
  8. Shirofugen is supplied at a height of between 125+ cm

Message card included at no additional cost if required. Just add the information required on the card at checkout.

Do I Need To Stake My Bare Root Tree?
9 out of 10 times the answer will be no, especially if under 200cm tall. However our article on Tree Staking should help guide you.  

All Our Trees Are Grown In The UK
As far as we know, none of our trees have sneaked off for holidays abroad and so are UK Grown.

Planting In The Corner Of A Garden
Air and light is reduced in this location which could promote fungus and bacterial issues. If the corner is of the house and a fence then you also have leeching issues to contend with from cement and wood preservatives. Also when it rains, that area would experience higher water levels so we advise against it.   

Ornamental Tree Roots In The Shade e.g. Behind A Fence
It is more important that that foliage (posh term for leaves) receives the sunlight than the roots. 

Have good drainage as water and no sun is the start of algae and other issues.  

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Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders

Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders