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Christmas Pippin (C3) Apple Tree, EXTREMELY POPULAR + EASY TO GROW + LARGE CROPS, 2-3 Years old, 1.0m - 2.00m tall, **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**

Christmas Pippin (C3) Apple Tree, EXTREMELY POPULAR + EASY TO GROW + LARGE CROPS, 2-3 Years old, 1.0m - 2.00m tall, **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**
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Available Options:
Rootstock Qty
M26 Grows to 3.0m (+£2.50)   
M27 Patio Grows to 1.5m (+£3.50)   
M9 Bush Grows to 2.5m (+£1.50)   
M9 Cordon Grows to 2.5m (+£2.00)   
MM106 Grows to 3.5m  
MM106 Half Standard Grows to 3.5m (+£3.00)   

All fruit trees certified virus free with a Limited 3 Year Fruit Tree Warranty.  Click here for our FREE FRUIT TREE OFFERAll basic pruning requirements completed before delivery.

Confused By All Our Apple Trees? Then Look At Our Easy Apple Tree Selection.

Christmas Pippin

The Christmas Pippin apple tree is brand spanking new as of August 2011. In fact it is so new, you can still smell the newness of it!

Unlike the conventional Pippin, the Christmas Pippin is a large cropping and easy to grow variety. Our research indicates that the Christmas Pippin may have been left on the orphanage door step as its origins are unknown. We have found some information that suggests a grower spotted the tree growing on the side of the road and he carried it on from there, possibly started from a discarded Cox or Gala.

It has excellent flavour, very crisp with a pleasing aftertaste and for those of you sick and tired of the bland and washed out flavours abundantly found in the supermarkets then the Christmas Pippin will be a welcome relief. If you do not think the supermarket apples are weak in flavour then you have not experienced enough home grown apples.

As there is more fruit you can expect more blooms and a white bloom laden apple tree is quite the sight in any garden.

Expect to harvest in mid October however local weather conditions may push/pull this date. With global warming on the way and impending rising sea levels, maybe the best advice we can give you is to plant on higher ground and harvest some time after planting on a once yearly basis.

The apples will store well until January if left in a cool and dry place however if you are reading this sometime past 2012 and suspended animation storage facilities have been invented then you can ignore that last part.

The Christmas Pippin is a better choice than a conventional Cox because it is tougher, more reliable, more resilient to frost and heavier cropping. Some prefer the apples to ripen off the branch for a couple of weeks first however this is a matter of personal taste, no pun intended.

Month of Picking: October

Type of Apple: Eating

Self-fertile/Not self-fertile: This apple is not self fertile, so you will need another apple tree near by for it to produce fruit. The other apple tree needs to be from pollination group C2, C3 or C4. C3 is the ideal choice.

Quick Fruit Tree Links
Take a look at our 
TOP SELLING FRUIT TREES, Wet ground issues then choose a PEAR TREE first, followed by APPLE TREES. For more information on pollination please look at  POLLINATION EXPLAINED or choosing the CORRECT POLLINATION PARTNER

Fruit Tree Life Expectancy
Most fruit trees will give you AT LEAST 40 years of fruit. Pears can go to 70. Records of 200 year old trees exist but this is the exception, not the rule.

Do I Need To Stake My Bare Root Fruit Tree?
9 out of 10 times the answer will be no, especially if under 200cm tall. However our article on Tree Staking should help guide you. 

Growing Our Trees In The UK
To date, we have checked the passports of our trees and none seem to have sneaked off for non UK holidays so all are UK grown.

Climate Change 
Warm and wet conditions from Climate Change have increased aesthetic foliage issues such as Powdery Mildew, Shothole, Rust etc These are not terminal issues and will usually last a season. All trees are inspected before being sent out to ensure they are fundamentally healthy.

Planting In The Corner Of A Garden
Air and light is reduced in this location which could promote fungus and bacterial issues. If the corner is of the house and a fence then you also have leeching issues to contend with from cement and wood preservatives. Also when it rains, that area would experience higher water levels so we advise against it. 

Apple Tree Jargon Explained

 MM106Grows to a final height of around 3.6 metres. 
 M9Grows to a final height of around 2.5 metres. 
 M26Grows to a final height of around 3.0 metres. 
 M27Grows to a final height of around 1.5 metres. 
 CORDONPruned to produce apples very quickly (1-3 years), favoured with commercial growers. More columnar than round shape. Less of a harvest compared to MM106. 
 BUSHClear stem of 45cm before branches grow out. 
 HALF STANDARDClear stem of 1 m. Conventional tree shape allowing easy grass mowing or companion planting. 
 MAIDEN1-2 years old, no pruning or shaping. Blank slate for you to shape and train. 
 PATIOShaped to produce compact bush proportional for pot size, ideal for container growing. 
 (12L), (3L) etcThe size of the pot measured in litres. 
 SELF FERTILE Will produce fruit without another apple tree nearby. 
 C1,C2,C3,C4,C5If your apple tree is NOT SELF FERTILE (they will be listed f they are) then you will need a second apple tree nearby of a similar number i.e. the same or one above or one below. So an apple tree from a C3 requires a C2, C3 or C4 planted close by for it to produce fruit. Triploids are an exception, see below. 
 Bare Root Available from November to March only. Comes with no pot or dirt around roots and is cheaper than potted options. Orders purchased outside this time will be held for delayed delivery until the next season starts.  
 TRIPLOIDYou have a selfish tree. It will be pollinated by other trees but the pollen it has to offer is useless. See TRIPLOID POLLINATION for more information.  

Apple Tree Ages and heights

All our apple trees have been pruned and shaped to get the best results and are inspected by an apple tree expert before being sent to you. Maiden apple trees are 1-2 years old, the rest are 2-3 years old. Heights vary depending on root stock however 1.5 to 2+ metres tall is an average apple tree height at delivery.

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Tree Warranty

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Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders