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Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo Biloba Fruits
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Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
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Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo Biloba Fruits
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Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo Biloba Catkins
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Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo Biloba 150-180cm
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Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo Biloba Mature
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Maidenhair Tree Ginkgo Biloba Standard 10 12cm Girth
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Available Options:
Size Qty
100+ cm  
125-150cm (+£18.00)   
150-180cm (+£30.00)   
175-200cm (+£188.40)  
(custom order)
Girth 8-10 cm (+£252.00)  
(custom order)
200-250cm (+£258.00)  
(custom order)
250+cm (+£324.00)  
(custom order)
Girth 10-12 cm (+£324.00)  
(custom order)
Multi-Stem 200-250cm (+£336.00)  
(custom order)
Girth 12-14 cm (+£420.00)  
(custom order)
300+cm (+£439.20)  
(custom order)
Multi-Stem 250-300cm (+£456.00)  
(custom order)
350+cm (+£600.00)  
(custom order)
Multi-Stem 300-350cm (+£660.00)  
(custom order)

Taller options usually available. Contact us stating species, height/girth and delivery postcode.  

Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo Biloba

The Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo tree (Gingko Biloba) originates from China, not because there is a label on it that says made in China but because scientists tell us so. Quite fascinating in that although it is a conifer it manages to disguise this fact, simply in that there are no cones. It carries small, plum-shaped fruits (female tree) or catkins (male tree) and has received the RHS Award Of Garden Merit which basically means a shed full of treexperts (tree experts) compared this tree to many other trees similar to it, someone called for a vote and this one received the loudest round of welly boot stomps.

Its leaves are a medium green colour and fan-shaped which turn into a very bright yellow in the Autumn. You could receive either a male or female tree however most likely to be male. The female tree fruits have an unpleasant smell when crushed. We assume this means physically and not emotionally because that would mean one hell of a stink every time a Maidenhair tree finished a relationship.

The Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo Biloba tree is a good choice for urban planting as they tolerate pollution and confined soil spaces with good resistance to disease, pests and Nuclear bombs (see below)

The tree shape follows the reverse of us humans in that during its youth, it has a belly and as it matures, becomes columnar with age and could develop an irregular shape (much the same as everyone in our management team)

A medium-sized tree, so expect a height of up to 6 metres (13 foot) after 10 years. Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo Biloba trees could go on to grow taller than this however that is dependant on local environment and heights of 25m are not unheard of.

Message card included at no additional cost if required. Just add the information required on the card at checkout.

Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo Biloba Options Explained
1-2 year old tree in a 5-7L pot.
125-150cm: 2-3 year old tree in a 7-9L pot
150-180cm: : 2-3 year old tree, usually a feathered tree in a 9-15L pot.
175-200cm : 18-30L pot, feathered tree.
200-250cm : 30-35L pot, feathered tree.
250+cm : 35-50L pot, feathered tree.
300+cm : 50-70L pot, feathered tree.
350+cm : 70+L pot, feathered tree.
Girth 8-10cm : Standard,30-35L pot, roughly 240-300cm tall.
Girth 10-12cm : Standard, 50L pot, roughly 300-360cm tall.
Girth 12-14cm : Standard,50-70L pot, roughly 360-420cm tall.
Multi-stem 200-250cm : 35L pot, Bush/multistem
Multi-stem 250-300cm : 50L pot, Bush/multistem
Multi-stem 300-350cm : 70-90L pot, Bush/multistem

Rootball means it will not come in a pot but will have the roots wrapped which you need to remove before planting and are available for delivery only between November and March.

Multistem means several stems starting very low to the ground. Comparing these with the same age Standard and Half Standard, these are typically shorter. Growing several stems takes more effort than one stem.

Standard and Half Standard means lollipop shape. There is a more clear stem with a Standard.

Feathered means it has an obvious single stem with side branching for most of it.

Once an Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo Biloba is over a certain age and height then girth is the most accurate way to measure maturity and therefore value for money. For every girth measurement increment e.g. 6-8cm to 8-10cm, the canopy will be wider, thicker, bushier and the root system larger as it has experienced 12-18 months growth. You can notice larger root systems with potted versions because the pot size increases with maturity. As a very general rule, each one cm girth measurement represents around 30cm growth. There is wide variation even within the same batch of trees and heights are only a very rough guideline and can easily be outside those listed. Feathered trees are a bit of an exception to this rule.

Planting Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo Biloba
For best results plant in well-draining soils out of cold winds even though it will survive in temperatures down to -20 degrees centigrade. With deep roots the Ginkgo Biloba is resistant to high winds and tolerant of nearly all soils, you can plant this almost anywhere so long as it is well-draining. Poor drainage and/or overwatering can lead to poor leaf quality.

On rare occasions, transplant shock may be an issue. This shows as poor leaf quality and if the new foliage coming through is ok, then it is nothing to worry about. A little die back over the winter can be experienced, just prune out and all is well.

Allegedly Interesting Facts About The Gingko Biloba Tree
It has been on this planet for over 270 million years or the time it feels like has passed before the in-laws bugger off after Christmas dinner.

It has been claimed by a member of Trees Online that buying the Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo tree from our company is an excellent experience that will improve your whole sphere of inter-personal relationships (gives you something to talk about when a silence descends on family gatherings).

The male Gingko Biloba will have catkins in Spring but female trees will bear fruit. To see which sex tree you have before Spring, observe its TV viewing habits. Anything involving repairing relationships or soft furnishings is homosexual or female, Anything about engines or survival, then it is massively in the closet and in denial or male.

Maidenhair trees are very long-lived with some living several thousand years.

Extracts of Ginkgo Biloba leaf are said to help with many ailments including cognitive function, high blood pressure, stroke recovery, menopause-related cognitive decline, tinnitus, peripheral arterial disease, macular degeneration or altitude sickness but at the time of writing (2018) this was unproven.

The disadvantage of male Ginkgo Biloba trees is that they are highly allergenic as they have an OPALS allergy scale rating of 7 out of 10. To make up for that, they are easy to propagate and to Bonsai.

Six trees growing only a kilometre or two from the Hiroshima bomb blast survived and although charred soon became healthy technically making them bomb proof. A perfect gift for a relative living in a war zone?

Reviews From Customers That Have Purchased Maidenhair tree or Ginkgo Biloba from Trees Online
Im not a fan of buying trees online, I have received pretty awful specimens in the past but the trees you sent look excellent and I would be happy to order from you again. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I hope you get a break and a rest over the festive season. Many thanks, Alexese 1218

Dear Alan Tree arrived today and it looks beautiful many thanks Lynne Calder 0818

Dear Alan, Thank you so much for the replacement Ginkgo tree which arrived today. It's a lovely tree and we are very grateful for your persistence in getting it. It will be a beautiful addition to our garden. Many thanks Ann 0518

Tree Jargon Explained
Half Standard:
Around 80-100cm clear stem.
Standard: Around 180-200cm clear stem.
Feathered: Branches for most of the trunk/stem length.
Multi-Stem/Bush: Very little or no clear stem. Multiple branching starting low to the ground. 
Rootball: Dug from the field with roots intact i.e. no pot. 
Pot: Plastic container that the tree was grown in.
Maiden: 1 year tree that has not been pruned.
Pleached: Foliage a square/rectangle flat shape wired to a bamboo frame with some clear stem. 
Screen: Same as pleached but much less/no clear stem.

Multiple Order Discount
Orders over £750 for 150cm+ trees might be discounted by ​​​​​​​contacting us

Ornamental Tree Roots In The Shade e.g. Behind A Fence
It is more important that that foliage (posh term for leaves) receives the sunlight than the roots. So if the canopy of your ornamental tree can sunbathe but the bottom of your tree thinks there has been a nuclear winter then that is ok. You might want to ensure you have good drainage as water and no sun is the start of algae and other such issues.

Early Autumn Leaf Fall
Heat stress, being potted, lack of water, being boxed up for a few days etc can cause early Autumn leaf fall. Once planted, normal service will resume next season. 

Do I Need To Stake My Ornamental Tree?
9 out of 10 times the answer will be no, especially if under 200cm tall. However our article on Tree Staking should help guide you.

Climate Change
Climate Change has increased aesthetic foliage issues such as Powdery Mildew, Shothole, Rust, frost damage etc These are not terminal issues and will usually last a season or less. All trees are inspected before being sent out to ensure they are fundamentally healthy and will bounce back. 

Planting In The Corner Of A Garden
Air and light is reduced in this location which could promote fungus and bacterial issues. If the corner is of the house and a fence then you also have leeching issues to contend with from cement and wood preservatives. Also when it rains, that area would experience higher water levels so we advise against it unless the plant is very hardy. 

Mature Tree Warranty
Once a tree is over 3 years old, the failure rate is considerably less and our Tree Warranty does not cover it at 100%. Please check details. 

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Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders

Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders