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Mature Golden Weeping Willow, Salix Sepulcratis Chrysocoma / Alba Tristis/ Babylonica Aurea. WET SITE SUITABLE **FREE UK DELIVERY + 3-YEAR LTD TREE WARRANTY**

Mature Golden Weeping Willow, Salix Sepulcratis Chrysocoma / Alba Tristis/ Babylonica Aurea. WET SITE SUITABLE **FREE UK DELIVERY + 3-YEAR LTD TREE WARRANTY**
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Just planted Golden Weeping Willow Salix Chrysocoma
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Golden Weeping Willow Salix Chrysocoma
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Mature Golden Weeping Willow Tree
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Mature Golden Weeping Willow Tree Salix Chrysocoma or Alba Tristis
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Mature Golden Weeping Willow Tree Bark
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Mature Golden Weeping Willow Flowers
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Mature Golden Weeping Willow Tree Flowers
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Mature Golden Weeping Willow Tree Leaves
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Golden Weeping Willow 250 to 400cm tall
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180-240cm Salix Chrysocoma Alba Tristis Babylonica Aurea
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Girth 10-12cm Mature Golden Weeping Willow Salix Sepulcratis Chrysocoma / Alba Tristis/ Babylonica Aurea just delivered
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Mature Weeping Willow Girth 20-25cm
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Girth 16-18cm Weeping Willow
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Mature Golden Weeping Willow Salix Sepulcratis Chrysocoma / Alba Tristis/ Babylonica Aurea standard form 14-16cm girth
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Salix Sepulcratis Chrysocoma Alba Tristis Babylonica Aurea girth 18-20cm
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Available Options:
Size Qty
150-180cm (+£19.20)   
180-240cm (+£25.20)   
240cm+ (+£60.00)   
Girth 8-10 cm (+£78.00)  
(custom order)
Girth 10-12 cm (+£132.00)  
(custom order)
Girth 12-14 cm (+£204.00)  
(custom order)
Girth 14-16 cm (+£288.00)  
(custom order)
Girth 16-18 cm (+£390.00)  
(custom order)
Girth 18-20 cm (+£510.00)  
(custom order)
Girth 20-25 cm (+£816.00)  
(custom order)

Taller options available for most trees. Please use the contact us page stating species, height range and postcode for more info.  If listed as " DELIVERED X MONTH" they might be available by pallet with a £45-£110 surcharge. 

Golden Weeping Willow Tree Options Explained
125-150cm : Usually 1-2 years old with just the basic framework ready for you to prune as required e.g. mostly a single stem with minimal branching.
150-180 cm: Usually 2-3 years old, usually shaped to be a Half Standard. Could come in a 9-12 Litre pot. Contact us before purchasing if the form is important to you.
180-240cm : Usually 2-4 years old and shaped to be a Half Standard. Could come in a 7-12 litre pot. Contact us before purchasing if the form is important to you.
240+cm: 3-5 years old and shaped to be a half standard in a 12-15L pot.
Girth 6-8cm: Standard, usually 15-25L pot, *Roughly 180-240cm tall. Around 200cm clear stem. Available as green or golden version, please specify*.
Girth 8-10cm: Standard, usually 25-30L pot, *Roughly 240-300cm tall. Around 200cm clear stem. Available as green or golden version, please specify*.
Girth 10-12cm: Standard, usually 30-35L pot, *Roughly 300-360cm tall.Around 200cm clear stem. Available as green or golden version, please specify*.
Girth 12-14cm: Standard, usually 35+L pot, *Roughly 360-420cm tall. Around 200cm clear stem. Available as green or golden version, please specify*.
Girth 14-16cm: Standard, usually 50+L pot, *Roughly 420-480cm tall. Around 200cm clear stem. Available as green or golden version, please specify*.
Girth 18-20cm: Standard, usually 100+L pot, *Roughly 540-600cm tall. Around 200cm clear stem. Available as green or golden version, please specify*.
Girth 20-25cm: Standard, usually 150+L pot, *Roughly 550+cm. Around 200cm clear stem. Best to have 2 fit people move these. (Possible partial refund depending on where delivery is). Available as green or golden version, please specify*.

*Green/Golden version. Unless specified we will send whichever is the better specimen.

*Heights are given as a very rough guideline and can have considerable variation based on species and supplier (each nursery experiences different growing conditions) It may even have been pruned before being sent out so we can only guarantee girth. Trees over 5.5m may include a delivery surcharge based on location and species but we will confirm with you before progressing the order.

Once a mature tree is around 200cm/4 years old then girth is the best measure of value for money. For every girth measurement increment e.g. 6-8cm to 8-10cm, the canopy will be wider, stronger, bushier and the root system larger as it has experienced 12-18 months growth. You can notice larger root systems with potted versions because the pot size increases with maturity. As a very general rule, each one cm girth measurement represents around 30cm growth but this doesn't apply to slow-growing trees.

Standard and Half Standard means lollipop shape. Industry definitions (which are not universal) mean Half Standard have around 80-150cm clear stem and Standard 180cm or more. Half Standards will usually be quite smaller than their standard equivalent girth size.

Golden Weeping Willow Tree Salix Sepulcratis Chrysocoma / Alba Tristis/ Babylonica Aurea
The Golden Weeping Willow tree (Salix x sepulcratis var. chrysocoma / Alba Tristis/ Salix Babylonica Aurea) is a tree found alongside rivers and lakes and wetland areas. A fast-growing, rambling, weeping tree, making at least 1m (1ft 4in) of new growth per year. Reaching a final height of 20m (66ft 8in), if left untrimmed, this tree is distinguished by its attractive new growth in spring, which is a warm golden colour. Like all willows, this tree is best planted well away from buildings as its root system can interfere with foundations which mostly comes from drying a heavy clay soil out and not from the actual roots.

As with most weeping trees, you can determine final height by allowing the tree to grow to the height you require and then cut the main trunk/stem. If you are going to restrict growth by keeping it in the pot (not advisable), you need to remember to feed every year and to water regularly depending on the pot size. The smaller the pot, the sooner it will dry out and kill the tree.

Willow are very thirsty trees and can be put under stress by inadequate watering leading to issues such as black spots on the leaves. This is not a permanent problem and the tree can recover as soon as adequate water is provided. During the Summer, the tree may need watering every other day for the first season or two until it gets well established. Feeding the tree will also help the tree maintain good health.

Message card included at no additional cost if required. Just add the information required on the card at checkout.

What Previous Customers Are Saying About Our Golden Weeping Willow
Trees have arrived Alan and they are fantastic. Thank you. Thank you With Best Wishes Scott P V*** H*** 0221
Just wanted to say thanks very much for the weeping willow tree arrived and looks really good. Denise G 0220

Hi Alan, Tree is fantastic. We are very happy with it and your service. I even like your jokes. Tree is very friendly it waves at us and our dog. I’ll see if it laughs at my jokes as soon as it rains. This is one of my favourites do you think the tree will approve? What did the fish say when it swam into the wall? Dam!. I do worry it’ll be silently judging our lawn (and my jokes) which has not fared well this summer 😢 Photo enclosed of your willow (tree) and our Willow, St Bernard pup. I think the tree and pup both grow 3ft a year! Feel free to use the photo if you want. Regards Lynn 0818

Good Evening, I can confirm I received delivery of my Weeping Willow tree - wow very impressed with it all planted looks lovely. Thank you. Kind regards, Gillian 0618
Hi, They arrived, The weeping willows are beautiful! Planted already. All arrived in good condition BW Josie 0417
Hi Alan, the tree (Weeping Willow Tree) has been delivered on Friday and it is amazing! Best present ever! Thank you for your help! Kind regards, Melania 0916
Hello Alan, I just received my beautiful Weeping Willow today - she is very lovely! Thank you so much for such a fab service. Once we have created the big pond, and she is next to it, I will send you a photo. Kind regards, Marjory.0816
Hello, Our golden willow arrived with the card from Santa for our 9 year old daughter. He has been christened William and is absolutely beautiful. He arrived very well wrapped and has grown masses since December! He is a lovely golden colour with a pink hue - fab! He has pride of place in our garden near the burn that runs through. Thank you very much, you have sent us a beauty! Many thanks Catherine Scanlin 0316
Just have to say thank you and a big wow for the trees ordered from your fantastic site. Great communication re order and many thanks for the elegant Alnus glutinosa - what a lovely surprise. The golden willow looks very much at home in our lower somewhat damp lower paddock. The packaging was amazing and am sure it is an art installation in its own right. Will be ordering again soon as we have a large shrubbery to plan. Cheers Chris 0815
Hi Alan, Delivery was fine. Golden Weeping Willow Tree arrived well packaged. Planted it as per the instructions, drove the stake in and tied it. Added a second stake as tree is quite tall and put on a rabbit protector as we've had a few visitors from the common this year. Covered earth with wood chippings and then placed some pieces of decking on top to discourage any cats from digging in it. It seems to have caught really well. I did get a few yellow leaves from over watering but that seems to have cleared up now. Very please with it, thank you very much. Picture attached although the model doesn't want to be named for legal reasons. Best wishes P. Editors Note (If there is a picture of a "mature lady" in the pictures, this is her!
Thank you Alan, The splendid Weeping Willow tree has just arrived in time for planting at the weekend by my ditch. Best regards S. Taylor 0615
Dear Alan,Re Trees Online. I would like to say how delighted I am with the Willow tree that arrived last week. The tree arrived beautifully packaged in an enormous cardboard box. The tree inside is delightful, very straight, slightly larger than expected, beautifully balanced branches - a perfect specimen.! I can throughly recommend Trees Online and will be using them again. Carol Myson 0315
Dear Alan, Just to let you know the Golden Weeping Willow tree arrived in very good order, is now planted and we look forward to seeing it grow in its new setting by the pond in our field. Best regards, Lady Vincent 1114
Hi Alan my lovely willow has arrived thank you. Aisha Ahmed. 0414
Dear Alan,My beautiful weeping willow has arrived and has been safely planted overlooking my duck pond. Many thanks for your excellent customer service and for the quality of the tree.
April 2014: Hello Received the (Weeping Willow) tree and what a lovely one it is. Thank you, Julia
March 2014: Just wanted to thank you for the delivery. What a fantastic tree. We are so delighted with it. Great quality at a great price. I have always wanted a weeping willow in the garden and now we have one! Thank you Mrs Cifelli
March 2014: Hi Alan,The (Golden Weeping) willow arrived today and we are absolutely delighted with it, it is way over the height advertised and this is great for us as we have about an acre of land with a very large new pond so instant height is a bonus. The tree is in excellent condition too so very happy, thank you and if we need any more tree we will be coming back to you.Andy
September 2012: Hi Alan, Thank you very much for the delivery, please don't worry, both trees arrived in good time and in good condition via our usual friendly and careful couriers. This is my second order from Trees-Online and previous trees bought are thriving. In the process of planning next purchase. Sandie Jones.
August 2012: ‘I ordered a Golden Weeping Willow from Trees Online and am delighted with the product. It arrived in a large and sturdy cardboard box in perfect condition and is now planted and looking great. Many thanks for a smooth online purchase. I will definitely order more from you and recommend your website to my friends.’ L. Wade.
I was really pleased with the delivery. They came a few days earlier than expected, the courier called to tell me he was on his way and I was pleasantly surprised how well they were packaged and boxed. The willow trees were as we wanted, in excellent condition, good sized pots and roots and even slightly taller than was advertised which means I have a few months extra growth.Once again many thanks… first time I have purchase trees online. ;-) Ray Kemp

Tree Jargon Explained
Half Standard:
Around 80-100cm clear stem.
Standard: Around 180-200cm clear stem.
Feathered: Branches for most of the trunk/stem length.
Multi-Stem/Bush: Very little or no clear stem. Multiple branching starting low to the ground. 
Rootball: Dug from the field with roots intact i.e. no pot. 
Pot: Plastic container that the tree was grown in.
Maiden: 1 year tree that has not been pruned.
Pleached: Foliage a square/rectangle flat shape wired to a bamboo frame with some clear stem. 
Screen: Same as pleached but much less/no clear stem.

Multiple Order Discount
Orders over £750 for 150cm+ trees might be discounted by ​​​​​​​contacting us

Ornamental Tree Roots In The Shade e.g. Behind A Fence
It is more important that that foliage (posh term for leaves) receives the sunlight than the roots. So if the canopy of your ornamental tree can sunbathe but the bottom of your tree thinks there has been a nuclear winter then that is ok. You might want to ensure you have good drainage as water and no sun is the start of algae and other such issues.

Early Autumn Leaf Fall
Heat stress, being potted, lack of water, being boxed up for a few days etc can cause early Autumn leaf fall. Once planted, normal service will resume next season. 

Do I Need To Stake My Ornamental Tree?
9 out of 10 times the answer will be no, especially if under 200cm tall. However our article on Tree Staking should help guide you.

Climate Change
Climate Change has increased aesthetic foliage issues such as Powdery Mildew, Shothole, Rust, frost damage etc These are not terminal issues and will usually last a season or less. All trees are inspected before being sent out to ensure they are fundamentally healthy and will bounce back. 

Planting In The Corner Of A Garden
Air and light is reduced in this location which could promote fungus and bacterial issues. If the corner is of the house and a fence then you also have leeching issues to contend with from cement and wood preservatives. Also when it rains, that area would experience higher water levels so we advise against it unless the plant is very hardy. 

Mature Tree Warranty
Once a tree is over 3 years old, the failure rate is considerably less and our Tree Warranty does not cover it at 100%. Please check details. 

Water Logged Conditions
So long as you do not have permanent standing water e.g. your local diving and sailing club meets on your lawn then Willow, Alder, Birch and Poplar will be ok to plant and maybe even help lower the level.

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Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders

Tree Warranty

Delayed Delivery. Reserve Orders