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Rosa Rubiginosa, Sweet Briar 20-40cm Fragrant + Coast + Wildlife **FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY + FREE 100% TREE WARRANTY**

Rosa Rubiginosa Sweet Briar Flower
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Rosa Rubiginosa Sweet Briar Flower
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Rosa Rubiginosa Sweet Briar Mature
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Rosa Rubiginosa Sweet Briar Hips
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Rosa Rubiginosa Sweet Briar Thorns
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Rosa Rubiginosa Sweet Briar 20-40cm AKA Eglantine, Sweet Briar Rose or Sweet Brier.

Sweet Briar is a good choice as part of a mixed hedge or as a "Billy no mates" standing alone. It is deciduous and produces fragrant 3cm wide pale pink flowers from late spring that gets increasingly larger the closer you look at them. These go on to form hips that last well into winter providing a food source for small mammals like the Bank Vole and many birds.

The leaves smell like an iPhone which is how we interpret the growers' description of "foliage has a strong apple fragrance". This fragrance is one way of telling the difference between this plant and Rosa Canina, the other is to look at the labels. The fragrance is particularly noticeable after rain or humid conditions.

It is a dense shrub growing to around 3m tall and high with hooked prickles so nature's answer to half of velcro.

Planting Rosa Rubiginosa Sweet Briar
Plant in loam, chalk, sand or clay soils from acid to alkaline and moist but well-draining as it does not like very wet soils. Performs best in a full sun position, exposed or sheltered and is hardy down to minus 20 degrees centigrade. Also suitable for coastal planting.

Possibly Other Interesting Information About Rosa Rubiginosa Sweet Briar
The hips are used to make tea high in vitamin C.
Some countries turn the hips into marmalade and cosmetics which is not something you want to get confused about because no one looks good wearing marmalade foundation.


White flowered apple rose (Rosa rugosa alba) is grown from seed collected from white-flowering apple rose bushes.  Even though we do this, sometimes the resulting apple rose flowers may be a mixture of white and pink flowers.  This is entirely unpredictable and the reason for this is genetic as one of the parent bushes for white flowering apple rose is the pink flowering apple rose.  We at trees-online are not therefore not liable should a mixture of flower colours appear.

Due to courier unpredictability, we advise having your trees delivered AT LEAST 3 days before you actually need them. 

Returning Cell Grown Trees

For Phytosanitary reasons, cell grown trees cannot be returned to the nursery. 

Delaying Planting Cell Grown Trees
If you cannot plant straight away, take the trees out of the packaging and stand upright next to each other in a sheltered location outside. November to March, no need to water unless they start to dry out and these would be ok for up to 6 weeks. During Spring and Summer, you can do this for up to 3 weeks.     

Feeding Or Fertilizing 
This is a task that can easily be over done. Any nitrogen based fertilizer will do such as 20:20:10 but the longer lasting ones which take 18/24 months are better as they are regulated by the weather and moisture therefore release slowly.

Multiple Order Discount
Orders over £1000 can be discounted by contacting us on 0800 043 1057

Do I Need To Stake My Shrubs?
9 out of 10 times the answer will be no, especially if under 200cm tall. However our article on Tree Staking should help guide you. 

UK Grown Shrubs
All our shrubs are UK grown and not allowed to holiday overseas to ensure we can stand by this statement. 

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Tree Warranty

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